Back to School Letter

Families and Friends of CCS,

Welcome back to another school year!  I hope you had a fun and relaxing summer and feel ready for a new challenge.  We have a lot to look forward to this coming school year.

Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 4th.  The school doors will open at 8:30am and students and parents are welcome to come in, find their classes, and get settled in.  When the bell rings at 8:50am to start the day all parents are invited to join me and our PFG for coffee at our new picnic tables outside.  We will have Mass at 10am.  School will be dismissed for the day at 12 noon.

We have our Back to School BBQ/Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, September 6th.  We will begin in the gym at 5:30pm with a welcome and important announcements from myself and Fr. Paul.  We will head over to the playground for a FREE BBQ from 6-7pm.  At 7pm the teachers will host two consecutive sessions to introduce themselves and tell parents about the year ahead.  This has become a fun and important community event and all are invited.  More information will come home on the first day of school.

Finally, I would like to comment on our school year theme and just how fitting it is given the situation our Church is currently in.  Our theme for the year is “What do you want of me, Lord?”  When this theme was chosen it was meant to focus on young people and vocations, but in light of the news about abuse in our Church it is a question that resonates with us all.  In light of the horror and unspeakable evil we are faced with, what are we to do?  Most of us are outside of the sphere of dealing with this problem directly and feel helpless and disillusioned.   Fr. Mike Schmitz, an excellent speaker and priest who posts online, had this to say, “Don’t leave the Church, LEAD the Church!”  It would be easy to slip into despair and resignation, but we are being called to something more.  We shouldn’t wait for our priest, bishop, or pope to “fix” the Church, we can be leaders and agents of change!  Do works of service, pray hard, live a Sacramental life, take leadership when possible and become an active part of our community. 

Thank you for you continued commitment to Cloverdale Catholic School.  May God bless us all as we start new school year.


Mr. Jason Borkowski


Jason Borkowski