Welcome Back Everyone! PE and Athletics Reminders

Hello and welcome back!

Here are some reminders that may help for PE/Extracurricular and the start of this school year:

PE list
- Proper Athletic (running) shoe (try to get shoes without foam bottoms... rubber is safest.)
- Building routines or responsibilities (gr 3+) for remembering the FULL Gym Strip

Extracurricular Equipment
- Soccer cleats and shin pads and socks (gr 5, 6, 7 boys)  Soccer practices begin Monday, Sept 10th
- Volleyball knee pads (gr 5, 6, 7)

The CCS Athletics Department works hard to communicate efficiently and effectively with parents each year.  Mr. Klaponski (the PE teacher and Athletics Coordinator) is responsible for updating the school calendar with up to date information (event, day, time) about upcoming athletic events.  There you will find the PE timeline (showing all the PE days/times for Classes), team practice times (available after the first week), permission slips and Term 1 games schedule (once game and event times have been finalized within our association), and other pertinent information.  He also updates all CCS athletics events, home and away games on the SCHOOL CALENDAR often with google map directions. Find this information for yourself here. ***Please do not phone the school office to look it up for you on the school calendar.***

If a game or practice is cancelled on the day of the event students will phone to make arrangements.  If the game is the next day then the athlete will be told during the day and the website will be updated.

Volunteer opportunities arise throughout the year in the Athletics Department (aka reffing and coaching are the big ones). CCS families have been very supportive and without you we couldn’t have such a successful program for our children.

We measure our success on an "effort over outcome" approach to learning the sport, while striving to work "hard, smart and together."  If you have an idea on how to help us, do let us know in advance so we can make arrangements with you and give you training if necessary. 

Mr. Matthew Klaponski