The Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee (PEC) assists the Pastor in overseeing the operation of Cloverdale Catholic School.

The PEC is an extension of the Board of Directors of the CISVA, composed of the Pastor and 7 members - 5 elected and 2 appointed by the Pastor.

We meet monthly to discuss and act upon the responsibilities and commitments established by the CISVA Policy Manual, including:

  • Cooperation with Archdiocesan programs

  • Ensuring the CISVA's educational policy is followed

  • Oversee day-to-day operation of the school, including collection of fees, payment of expenses, and maintenance.

  • Support the Principal as chief administrator of the school

  • Promote Catholic education, its values and benefits to the community

The Parish Education Committee is an excellent opportunity for parents to get involved and contribute to Cloverdale Catholic School. 


Parish Education Committee Meeting Minutes

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We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can work together to improve life at Cloverdale Catholic School.

CCS 2018-2019
PEC members

Father Paul Chu  Pastor

Father Paul Chu

Deborah Harms  Chairperson

Deborah Harms

Megan Bolton  Vice-Chair

Megan Bolton

Chris Brant  Treasurer

Chris Brant

Francine Poelstra  Secretary

Francine Poelstra

Jennifer Friesen  PFG Chair

Jennifer Friesen
PFG Chair

Megan Poulin  Parent Participation Coordinator

Megan Poulin
Parent Participation Coordinator

Jacqueline Johnson  Maintenance Coordinator

Jacqueline Johnson
Maintenance Coordinator