Workbee this Saturday!

First Work Bee of the Year

his Saturday, September 1st from 9am-12 noon is the first work bee of the year.  This work bee will be primarily outdoors.  Some of the jobs but not all will be...

-remove stepping stones in K yard

-clear storm drains

-weeding, weeding, and more weeding (please bring any gardening gloves or tools you have to make this easier as a lot of weeds are growing out of cracks in pavement) Some areas will include around perimeter of playground, cracks of school grounds, track, parking lot and slab, parish gardens, gardens behind the school, around the portable and more

-lawn mowing with push mower (The parish only has one push mower.  If you are willing to bring one from home to make this task go faster that would be great!)

-wash K playhouses (We will do this with a hose but if you have a pressure washer you are willing to bring please contact maintenance coordinator Jacqueline Johnson)

-Paint backdrop of basketball hoop—paint is at school but tools will need to be shopped for the day of the work bee 

-Blow and bag debris in parking lot, around the playground and on the slab

-Removal of wasp nest if someone is brave enough!

-fixing rungs of swings

--playground maintenance including raking woodchips to even them out 

We do have rakes but extras always come in hand if you have them.

Please sign up for the work bee on OnVolunteers but if you have difficulty you can just show up.  Your hours will still count!  For those of you new to CCS jobs are assigned as people arrive.  Please make sure to sign in and out so your hours can be verified online.  If you have any questions please contact maintenance coordinator Jacqueline Johnson by messaging her on OnVolunteers or emailing her at 

Work Bee Supplies Coordinator

Do you find it hard to get to work bees and fulfil your maintenance hours?  Would you rather shop than weed or clean?  Then this is the job for you!  We need someone who is able to check the supplies each month (a list will be provided) of cleaning supplies and needs for grounds equipment (eg. gas) and then go and shop for items needed before all work bees as well as fill cleaning bottles necessary.  All hours would count as maintenance hours!  Sound like a little too much work? The job can also be shared between a few people but it would be great if you are able to commit for the year or term.  Message Jacqueline Johnson on OnVolunteers or email her at to volunteer or for more information.  She will be thrilled to hear from you!


Jason Borkowski