2018 Fitness-A-Thon CHIMP Link

It’s that time of year again.

The Thanksgiving dinners have all come and gone. If you forgot to bring out your pledge form because you were so distracted with the pumpkin pie, never fear, CHIMP is here.

This is the 2nd year that we are utilizing CHIMP for gathering pledges. The great thing about it is that your donors will receive their tax receipts instantly and it also makes it easy to send the link to family members and friends you might have missed over the holiday.

The link for this year’s campaign is: https://chimp.net/campaigns/ccs-2018-fitness-a-thon

We are tracking donations based on students and on classes, so please ask your donors that when they make their donation, they should tell us who they are donating on behalf of and what class/grade they are in.

Every little bit helps. Our goal for the Fitness-a-Thon this year is $20,000. If every family is able to gather $100 in donations, we will be able to reach this goal.

Below are this year’s fundraising priorities:

1)     New roll down blinds (to replace our current aluminum mini-blinds, many of which are broken and difficult to keep dust free)

2)     Outdoor Picnic Tables (some of which have already been purchased and have a been a great addition to our playground)

3)     An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the school

4)     A new playground structure (size depends on how much money we can raise!)

5)     Support children in the developing world

Thank you!