Uniform Update

School uniforms are a long tradition in Catholic schools.  The reasons behind uniforms are many.  The highest values we place on uniforms are stated in the school’s uniform policy: 

A school uniform allows students to identify themselves as a part of our school community, eliminates pressure caused by competition for attention based on appearances, and maintains a consistent standard of appearance free from distraction.

 For many years under our old uniform provider there were varying shade and style of pants.  With our new provider we finally have consistency in style and colour.  This makes the non-uniform pants stand out more noticeably.  In a recent check we found that a number of boys were wearing pants from other retailers (i.e. Gap, Walmart, etc…)  While I appreciate the appeal of saving money on pants, it is my responsibility to keep the school in uniform.  Therefore, it is my expectation that families who do not currently have true “uniform” pants will begin the process of purchasing them.  Since this is a large scale change for many families, we will allow some time for this to happen.

I will be meeting with Howard Vinberg, president of Top Marks, on November 1st.  If you have any idas questions or concerns you would like me to share with him at that meeting, please let me know.

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