Summer Maintenance Letter

This year’s work bees are all done and we are heading into the summer months.  Over the summer maintenance still needs to be done on the school and parish grounds. 


Did you know that your summer hours count for the next school year? They do!  Did you know that starting next year there are no longer two terms so you can complete all your maintenance hours for the year this summer?  You can! 


This summer we are trying something new.  There are several areas around the grounds that need maintaining over the summer.  Some examples are the flower beds along the chain link fence by the church, the parking lot, and the perimeter of the grounds.  We would like to assign each of the areas needing to be maintained to 1-2 families.  If you are interested in teaming up with another family to maintain an area over the summer or if you already maintain an area over the summer please contact Jacqueline at for more information.  Areas will be assigned on a first come first serve basis and in areas most needed.


Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy your summer!