Please Support a School Family This Christmas

The message below is from the GoFundMe page setup to support Laura Nikic, a school parent who is battling brain cancer. To support the Nikic Family you can visit the Go Fund Me page setup by their friends…

In their first year of marriage, unlike most couples, Pete and Laura have had to face unthinkable hurdles. For the past year or so, Laura had been suffering from severe headaches, and in the summer of 2018 she received the devastating news that she had a tumor. After removing the first tumor, her medical team quickly discovered another one. Pete and Laura were informed that the second tumor cannot be removed. In the span of 4 short months, the Nikic's life has been turned upside down - Laura will be heading into 3 months of rigorous treatment including Radiation and Chemotherapy. Not only is this amazing family faced with the emotional upheaval of facing a fight against Cancer, but the financial burden of  only one income through the process with no extended insurance to help lift the weight. 

For those of you that know Pete and Laura, you know that they are two of the most positive, generous, and strong people in the world. They have faced and continue to face every challenge with unrivaled optimism and would literally give you the shirt off their back. The objective of this page is to show the Nikic family that they are surrounded by a family, friends, and community who loves them. Furthermore, we would like to take away some of the financial burden they face by providing some assistance to their family. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated as we try to provide some financial relief and allow Pete, Laura, Zoe and their families to focus on what is most important, which is Laura's health and recovery.

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