PFG Minutes - June 2017

Minutes of Parent Fundraising Group meeting - June 19, 2017

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:10

Jen Friesen
Colleen Hicks
Trish Naunheimer
Tereen Nootebos
Stephanie Kilner
Megan Bolton


Jen led the group in an opening prayer.


No additions

Financial Update

Stephanie will get a final summary out to everyone

PEC Update

Jen Friesen is the new PFG Chair as elected through the PEC Elections.

Review of 2017/18 Events

  1. Coffee on the first day of school (Stephanie & Colleen point person)
    Stephanie will look into setting up the coffee and treats – Colleen can assist with this as well.  Jen will look at putting together an outline of upcoming events and have it ready to hand out in the morning.  Also any information on the upcoming pub night to be ready as well.
  2. September Pub Night (Stephanie point person)
    The tentative dates for the Pub Night are Saturday September 23rd or Saturday September 30th.  Stephanie will check with Bel on the places she looked at for last year.  
  3. Fitness-A-Thon  (Jen and Colleen point person)
    Fitness-A-Thon date is Thursday October 19th.  We hope to have Chimp up and running so that we can do online donations.  Jen will talk to Maria Fonseca to check and see if she will be putting together the volunteer sheet and if we need anything other than oranges.  We will get the oranges from Two EE’s (Colleen can arrange)
  4. Auction  Fundraiser  
    It was decided that this year we are going to go back to having the Auction in the school gym – ticket prices will be the same and we will have it catered.  We are looking at doing an 80’s theme.  Ideally we would like to look at April 14, (this being our first choice) April 21 and May 5th as potential dates.  Jen will ask Jason is okay with any of those dates and then book gym.  Ideally we would like to start selling March 1-9 and March 26-28 – close off date would be April 8th.  Trish will look into caterers and get quotes and menus.  Jen will also ask Jason for a letter outlining goals for next year so that we can start soliciting early.
  5. Spring Event – Paint Night (Jen point person)
    Jen will look into this and doing around February
  6. Bottle Returns (new item added)  (Tereen point person)
    Tereen is going to look into Return-It to see if we can set up a CCS account and have stickers so that people just drop off bags of bottles/cans with CCS sticker and money goes into our account.
  7. Go Banana’s Drop and Shop Fun Night  (new item added)  
    Thinking of doing this December 1st or December 8th and make it so that we advertise it as a “Drop and Shop” Event – drop the kids off and Christmas Shop while they play.  Megan will contact Eric to see if this will work and if one of the dates above is okay.

Summary of Events 2017-18

  • September - Pub Night
  • October - Fitness A Thon
  • December - Go Banana’s Drop and Shop Fun Night
  • December - Concert Concession
  • February - Paint Night
  • April - Auction

Review of PFG Executive Positions

  1. Ensure the Constitution is consistent with current practices
  • Jen reviewed some word changes to the Policies and Procedures section and will bring changes to PEC to update.
  • Election of PFG Executive Positions
  1. Following elections, confirm proposed budget for next year
  • PFG Chair - Jen Friesen
  • Co-Chair - TBD (if no one – Megan Bolton)
  • Financial Secretary - Stephanie Kilner (returning)
  • Secretary - Colleen Hicks (returning)
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Trish N
  • Public Relations - TBD
  • Returning Officer - Cheryl Ramos

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30

Next Meeting – Monday September 11th at 7:30 – Parish Centre