PEC Minutes - December 2016

  • Minutes of the Parish Education Committee Meeting - December 15, 2016

Call to order

  • Meeting Called to Order at 7:26 PM
  • Present: Jason Borkowski, Luisa Cenedese, Viola Baptista, Derek Christo, Deborah Harms, Megan Bolton, Chris Brant, Father Anthony Ho
  • Absent: Layna Neilson

Opening Prayer

  • Opening Prayer led by Viola Baptista

Review of November 8, 2016 Minutes

  •  Minutes of November 8, 2016 meeting were approved by email.

Discussion Items

1. Chairperson’s Update:

  •  Luisa recently attended the Parish Council meeting
    • The possibility of establishing a calendar for all parish and school events was discussed; this would help avoid scheduling conflicts

2. Principal’s Update

  •   A new international student will be joining CCS in January.
  •   In order to comply with provincial legislation the following policies have been added/edited:
    • Water testing will take place yearly to ensure no lead is present.
    • In addition to smoking the use of vaporizers is prohibited on school property.  
  • Snow Days
    • It is up to the principal to decide on school closure in the event of snow. This is not an easy decision as the safety of staff, students and parents is a concern. The decision to close the school must be made with enough time to contact parents, and it is difficult to predict how the snow conditions will develop during the day. The principal must use his judgement to ensure the safety of our community.
  •  Christmas Concert
    • The Christmas Concert went well and the change to a primary only concert, significantly reduced the overcrowding in the parish center which improved the safety of students and parents at the event.
    • The logistics of coordinating a primary only concert were simplified and reduced disruption to the school schedule and student learning in the weeks prior to the concert. o Some families were disappointed with the changes since it meant that their children were not involved in the concert.
    • Plans for next year’s concert have not been made, but will be communicated to parents early in the year.

3. Financial Report

  •  The budget to date was presented
    • Everything is on track for the year as budgeted.

4. Family Service Update 

  • No update

5. Maintenance Update

  • Approximately 50 people attended the December Work Bee despite the rainy weather.
  • We have 3 preliminary quotes on the window upgrades. All the quotes are in a similar price range.
    • The work would possibly be done during spring break or summer break to minimize disruption to staff and students.
  •  Some of the school’s outdoor lights need to be replaced as the fixtures are old and need frequent repair.

6. Parent Fundraising Group (PFG) Update

  • The Auction will be held at the same venue as last year, with ticket prices remaining the same at $50.
  • The Christmas Concert concession was a success; thanks to all who donated or purchased the baked goods.

7. Secretary Report

  •  No report.

Closing Prayer

  •  Led by Viola Baptista.

Meeting Adjourned

  •  Meeting adjourned at 9:31 PM following the in-camera session.