PEC Minutes - November 2017

Minutes of Parish Education Committee Meeting – November 14, 2017

A.    Call to order

  • Meeting Called to Order at 7:06 PM

  • Present: Jason Borkowski, Luisa Cenedese, Megan Bolton, Chris Brant, Deborah Harms, Jennifer
    Friesen, Jacqueline Johnson, and Layna Neilson.

  • Absent: Fr Paul Chu.

B.    Opening Prayer

  • Opening Prayer led by Megan Bolton.

C.    Review of the October 10, 2017 Minutes

  • The October 10, 2017 meeting minutes were approved by email provided some wording be changed. The edited wording was reviewed and minutes were approved..

D.    Discussion Items

1.    Chairperson’s Update:

  • The early stages of beginning to plan for building improvements have begun. More information will follow as it becomes available.

  • Luisa, Deborah, Jen and Jacqueline attended the PEC Leadership Conference on October 14. This was an informative day and new this year PEC members were able to connect with individuals from other PECs who share the same roles and learn from each other. Deborah is working on compiling information from the day to distribute to the PEC members who were unable to attend.

2.    Principal’s Update

  • Miss Barboza will be taking a leave of absence beginning after the Christmas holidays for the remainder of the school year. We wish her well.

  • We have a need for a Certified Child and Youth Care Worker. This would be a one day per week position and will not require additional funds in our budget as our current school councilor will no longer be working directly in the school. Jason will post this position.

  • Mrs. Williams will be going on Maternity leave and a replacement EA will be hired. Mrs. Kozak will assist in the transition time.

  • Late pick up after school has become a problem, with some parents arriving well after 3:20 and even as late as 4pm to pick up their children. Although staff and supervisors are present until 3:20 pick up time after school is 3pm (2:30 on Wednesdays).  Jason will meet with parents who are habitually late so that a solution can be found, with our after school care being encouraged as an option. Additionally staff will blow a whistle at 3:20 (2:50 on Wednesdays) and all students who do not have a parent present will be required to return to the office where their parents will be called.

3.    Financial Report

  • The budget was reviewed and the new CISVA format was explained. The balanced budget was approved.

4.    Family Service Update

  • Many parents, coordinators and staff are having difficulty in becoming familiar using OnVolunteers. Training sessions for parents, coordinators and staff will be planned for January. In order to avoid having their cheques cashed parents still need to input their Term 1 hours before December 31. Parents who require assistance will be able to make an appointment to meet with Layna or Deborah to ensure their hours are successfully recorded. Layna will prepare an announcement to notify parents.

  • It is important that all volunteer tasks be tracked through OnVolunteers. While it will take time for everyone to become familiar with this new system in the long term in will save a lot of time and confusion.

5.    Maintenance Update

  • The weed whackers have been fixed.

  • The leaf blower has also been repaired and is working like new.

  • A Hedge Trimmer would be a great asset in completing maintenance tasks.

  • Jacqueline is still gathering quotes for the paving project. Chris will assist.

  • School cleanliness has been brought to attention. Jason will speak to Atul to compile a detailed list of all the areas he takes care of, areas that are not part of Atul’s responsibility will be listed and completed at work bees or posted as maintenance tasks.

6.    Parent Fundraising Group (PFG) Update

  • The Fitness-a-thon was a success and the ability to make online donations was a wonderful new addition. Approximately $16,000 was raised.

  • The Drop and Shop fundraiser is coming up on December 1, tickets will be available soon.

  • The PFG will be hosting the Concession at the School Christmas Concert on December 19th.

  • The Auction Gala will take place April 14th, details regarding the venue are being finalized.

  • The possibility of a Pub Night including trivia or bingo taking place at CCS is being considered.

7.    Secretary Report

  • There have been numerous incidents of people not following the rules in the parking lot resulting in traffic congestion and unsafe conditions for the children and pedestrians walking to cars. Of particular note is misuse of the drop off lane in the mornings and unsafe double parking in the drop off zone after school. A posting for volunteer parking lot attendants will be created. Attendants will instruct drivers to follow the parking lot rules. Jason will email parents to remind them of the rules and in order to make the parking lot safer there will no longer be parking in the drop off zone after school. This will improve visibility and traffic flow. Parking is to be permitted only in marked parking stalls. Parents will receive communication notifying them of this change to the parking lot rules and the no parking area will take effect after the Christmas Holidays.

8.    Vice-Chair Report

  • Megan attended the recent CISVA AGM.

E.    Closing Prayer

  • Led by Megan Bolton.

F.    Meeting Adjourned

  • Meeting adjourned at 10:48 PM following the in-camera session.
  • The next PEC meeting will be Tuesday, December 12 th at 7pm.