Fitness-a-thon 2018 The Greatest Show on Earth

Dear Parents and Friends of CCS,

This week we are kicking off our first fundraiser of the year.  Our theme for our Fitness-a-thon this year is “The Greatest Show on Earth”.  Today we had our first assembly to introduce the students to this year’s theme and our fundraising goals.

As always we have many needs in our school.  We want to keep our school a safe, clean, and engaging place to learn.  Here are some of the priorities we are fundraising for this year:

1)     New roll down blinds (to replace our current aluminum mini-blinds, many of which are broken and difficult to keep dust free)

2)     Outdoor Picnic Tables (some of which have already been purchased and have a been a great addition to our playground)

3)     An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the school

4)     A new playground structure (size depends on how much money we can raise!)

5)     Support children in the developing world

Please do everything you can to help us reach our school goal of $20,000 for this year’s Fitness-a-thon.  If every family can get at least $100 in pledges, we will reach our goal.  Donations can be made using the paper pledge form sent home today or via the school website.  Please encourage your children to use the Thanksgiving weekend to ask friends and relatives to support these important fundraising items.

Thanks for helping us make this year’s fundraising a success!


Mr. Jason Borkowski

Mr. Stromboli wants YOU to help with this year’s Fitness-a-thon!

Mr. Stromboli wants YOU to help with this year’s Fitness-a-thon!