December Newsletter

Principal's Message

When I took the position as Principal at Cloverdale Catholic School almost nine years ago the school had a weekly newsletter and a website.  Today, we have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Calendar, modernized website, teacher blog pages, Mailchimp mailouts, Class Dojo, a Principal blog, and other forms of electronic communication.  Communications from the school to home have never been more frequent, but sometimes things feel “less connected” somehow.

Modern communications have a way of doing that.  Even though we communicate more often, we can be made to feel lonely and disconnected from each other.  I think part of the reason is because of the “surface level” nature of our communications.  An email or tweet doesn’t convey the body language or emotion of a real conversation.  Even a printed calendar from the “old days” carries more depth of meaning than a Google Calendar.  The printed word has tangible, visible, homey qualities that make it more meaningful and experiential.  You can show it to people, pin it to the wall, and hold it in your hand.  Modern communications offer little of that experience.

Maybe I’m just getting old.  Perhaps there are parents reading this who roll their eyes and are used to and like the way things are.  For now I will endeavor to rekindle that old feeling of real communication while also staying on top of the latest in communications technology.  This is a period of change not just for our school, but for society.  We have to embrace the best of the modern world without losing touch with what makes us who we are as a community.  Let's start by talking.  If you ever want to know something, have a concern, or just want to talk, please stop by the office to say hello!

May God bless us all this Advent Season.

Parish Bazaar

Our Annual Parish Bazaar is tomorrow!  We hope to see all our school families participate in this great community event.  The doors open at 9am.  There are games, crafts, and treats available.  Our choir performs at 11am and the band performs at 11:30am.  St.Nicholas is coming too!  There is even breakfast and lunch available so you can stay all day.  See you there!


Volleyball season was a great time for all involved.  Our Grade Six and Seven teams competed at a high level and advanced into the playoffs.  Many thanks go out to all our staff and parents who coached and drove to all our games and practices.

Basketball season is beginning with practices already underway.  Parents of intermediate students should look to their inboxes and Mr. Klaponski’s Athletics Blog for updates.  Our official league games begin in the first week back from Christmas break.

Parish Photo Album

There is still time to sign up for the Parish photo directory.  Each family will receive a free 8 X 10 photo and a parish directory.  Getting everyone involved is an important part of making this project a success.  Click here to sign up for an appointment.

Christmas Concert

Our annual Christmas concert will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 19th at 1pm and 7pm.  All students are required to attend both performances and arrive 30 minutes early.  We ask that, if possible, parents only attend one of the performances.  Usually the afternoon performance is a little less busy.  The number of people allowed in the gym is limited, so we have to try to keep the numbers down.  Please note ALL students are involved in this year’s concert.

Early Dismissal and Christmas Break

Friday, December 22nd will be a shortened day.  Students will be dismissed at noon.  School will reopen on Monday, January 8th.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We are implementing some changes to supervision and traffic/parking in the new year.  A separate email regarding these issues will be sent home soon.

Progress Reports and Three Way Conferences

Progress Reports will be coming home today.  Three Way Conferences take place next week on Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1.  We hope you see these days as opportunities to learn more about your child’s progress and learn ways to support him or her.  The updated Progress Report is a clearer and fairer representation of your child’s learning.  Please contact Mr. Borkowski if you have any suggestions about the new Progress Report format.