Christmas Concert Costumes

More information about the Christmas Concert is coming soon.  Here is a list of the costume pieces needed...

Primary Christmas Concert

Preschool:  Owls  Brown shirt brown bottoms. Wings and a beak

Grade K:  Mice.  Grey t- shirt and Grey bottoms.  Ears on a hairband or anything else you may come up with. 

Grade 1:  Doves white t- shirt white bottoms.  Wings and a beak. 

Grade 1/2:  Donkeys Grey t-shirt and grey bottoms.  Ears on a hairband or anything else you may come up with.

Grade 2/3:  Cows white shirt and white pants with black spots all over.  ears on hairband or whatever else you can come up with. 

Grade 3: Lambs  white t- shirt white bottoms.  Lamb ears on a hairband.

Intermediate Christmas Concert

Rita:  Casual brightly colored clothes

Narrator Clueless & Clueless they need to be dressed to look alike:  oversized trench coat, white shirt with neck tie, loosened, fedora and anything else to add to detective look.

Anita:  Casual brightly colored clothes.  If possible, identical to Rita.

Speechless:  Biblical period priestly attire.  Long robe with rope belt.  Phylacteries can be made out of off-white pieces of paper rolled into scrolls.  These are placed up and down the sleeves.

Elizabeth:  Biblical period attire.  Head covered with long scarf.

Luke, Little Luke and the Shepherds:  as cowboy as you can get.  Jeans, spurs “ that jingle jangle” cowboy hat and boots etc.  But add to the comedy by making him a shepherd as well, with long robe, rope belt and staff

Dancers:  Biblical period attire.  Heads covered with scarf.

Mary and Joseph:  Dressed as should be. 


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