Year In Review Message from Annual General Meeting

This was another year to be grateful for at Cloverdale Catholic School.

This was a year of building community.  From the Back to School BBQ to the fitness-a-thon, to the PFG Gala, to various parenting evenings, this year was one that gave plenty of opportunities for us to grow as a community.  The fundraising efforts contributed to new window coverings and new playground equipment (to be installed in June).  More importantly, our fundraising and community evenings serve as an opportunity to get to know each other and support each other. 

This was a year of building our faith.  Our students benefited from frequent participation in the sacraments.  Weekly Mass and frequent confession and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are cornerstones of our faith lives at CCS.   Prayer opportunities like school assemblies with the Rosary, Crowning of Mary, or the Stations of the Cross taught the kids the value of prayer and traditions.  Special events like NET Ministry retreats, First communion retreats, Holy Week activities bring our children’s faith to life and engender a personal relationship with Jesus.  I’m very proud of the many outreach projects our students took part in this year.  These projects demonstrated an outpouring of Christian love in our students.

This was a year for outstanding extra-curricular opportunities.  In addition to our usual athletic extra-curricular sports programs like cross-country, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and track, our students had the opportunity to participate in alternative athletic events like golf, horseback riding, skating, and skiing.  Beyond sports, I was especially proud of our growing performing arts programs.  Our Grade Six and Seven Bands showed promise, our choirs were bigger and louder than ever, and our school musical production of Peter Pan show the talent and commitment of so many students and staff.

This was a year for growing our understanding of cultures, particularly First Nations culture.  Our first multicultural day was a huge success.  We have focused on building our understanding of First Nation culture this year.  As a result, we hosted the BC Mobile Museum which featured artifacts and presentations from a First Nations researcher. First Nations inspired art and maps grace the walls of our hallway and classroom. We hosted First Nations artists who led our students through traditional art projects.  Recently we received new readers and textbooks that highlight a First Nations perspective.  These efforts have produced a tangible sense of respect and awareness of First Nations history and culture.

This was a year for improving curricular instruction and support for students with challenges.We increased the number of Special Education Assistants and Learning Resource teachers. Our students have increased access to technology to help them learn and grow in a modern classroom environment.The Kindergarten Learning Assessment helped our Learning Resource Team meet the needs of students more accurately and quickly than before.Our teachers collaborated to complete a comprehensive Reading Scope and sequence which will support and improve reading instruction for years to come.