Student Safety and Recent Incident at IC Delta

Dear Parents,

As you are likely aware, a violent incident took place at Immaculate Conception School in Delta yesterday.  Thankfully no students were directly involved or harmed.  This incident has been particularly personal for me as IC Delta is my previous school and still my regular parish on Sundays.  I am close friends with many staff there, including many who were first on the scene of the incident.

It is frightening and unsettling to think about violence at school.  Though we regularly hear of violence in schools in the news, particularly in the US, it rarely hits so close to home. 

Though no community is immune to potential acts of violence, please be assured that we do have procedures in place to keep children as safe as possible.  We have recently practiced our safety drills as a school and have an excellent locking door system at the school’s main entrance to keep strangers out of our school.  From all reports from Immaculate Conception, the students we kept safe using similar protocols and the staff and police acted with calm and compassion for everyone involved.

Please join me in continuing to pray for the Immaculate Conception community and for the safety of all students.


Mr. Borkowski