PSG Announcement

Thank you to our Parents Support Group (PSG) for another great year.  This group of parents are responsible for using a government grant to purchase equipment for the school.  Below is a list of some of the wonderful additions they have controbuted to the school over the past few years.  

A special thank you goes to Lisa Vulcano for faithfully serving on the PSG for the past eight years!


  • Indoor recess toys and games
  • Jerseys
  • Tennis Lessons
  • Various field trips including Children’s Festival, Carousel Theater, partial ski trip funding, transportation to events.
  •  Score board
  • Sporting equipment
  • Art supplies
  • Sound system for the parish Center
  • Sound equipment for school performances
  • Chrome books
  • Charlotte Diamond concert
  • Annual Grade 7 jackets
  • Theatre Sports presentation
  • Sensory Items for all students use including
  • Wiggle cushions
  • Sound reducing headphones
  • Hokki stools
  • Indoor toys and games