PFG Update - January 2018

Happy 2018!  The PFG is starting off the year with the resolution to give more regular updates to our school community, so let's start with a brief recap of what you have helped us to accomplish so far!

Here's what we have raised since September 2017:
Pub Night: $1253.00
Fitness-A-Thon: $16074.98
Go Bananas: $725.50
Concert Concession: $456.07
Tree Chipping: $623.30

That's a grand total of $19,132.85 raised for Cloverdale Catholic School!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped with these fundraisers, especially to Eric and Morena Vilio, who donated playtime at Go Bananas for our Drop and Shop event and Andrea Thompson who ran our tree chipper all day for the Tree Chipping event. 

Our next fundraising event will be our annual auction fundraiser, held on Saturday, April 14th at 5 Star Catering, so save the date!  Along with the Fitness-A-Thon, our annual auction fundraiser is our major fundraiser for the year, as well as a chance for parents to come together, raise money for the school, and have a fantastic time! 

Stay tuned for further details!

Jennifer Friesen
PFG Chair
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