Our Library

Mrs. Mahussier was sick for a bit and I took the kids to the library a couple of times while she was absent. She's back and feeling better so we had library with her today. You know that moment when you see something that you have seen a hundred times, but see it for the 'first time' in a new way? I was standing there while she was introducing some of the new books and an easier way of checking them out when I was struck by how she is a wonderful librarian...


In that moment I had a new appreciation for our book collection, the delightful space that has been created so kids can enjoy reading, and most of all how Mrs. Mahussier is so inviting - she welcomes the children into the world of books. I felt like I could spend hours lost in the enjoyment of the amazing selection of stories in that room. Stories of adventures and heroes, of baking delicious cookies and of a cat who loves lasagna, of saints and mice, of the discovery of ancient cities and the invention of the airplane - that's what the room is filled with and I am grateful that our kids have the chance to read about them all.

Grade 4Sheryl Rose Newman