Classes and Teachers for 2019/2020

At last night’s Annual General Meeting many important announcements were made regarding next year at CCS. Among them were the class alignments and teaching assignments.

Please note that while you are always welcome to send Mr. Borkowski or the teachers information about your child at any time, class placement itself is the decision of the school and parental requests for specific teachers or class placements will not be considered.

Kindergarten: Miss Manuel

Kindergarten: Ms. Paraiso

Grade One: Miss Muscado

Grade One/Two: Miss Mendoza

Grade Two/Three: Mrs. Hosein

Grade Three/Four: Miss Losito

Grade Four/Five: Mrs. Krammer

Grade Five: Mrs. Nadeau (4) with Mrs. Sene (1)

Grade Six: Mr. Pistrin

Grade Six: Mr. Grosjean

Grade Seven: TBA

Learning Support: Mrs. Fonseca, Mrs. Tyrell, Ms. DaCruz

Music: Mrs. Mar

French: Mrs. Pistrin

PE: Mr. Klaponski